Hello community, dev here.

In the past few months we have had many discussions about changing our name and branding to something that better defines our project moving forward.

As you all know we will upgrading to a radically new type of blockchain technology utilizing the Homomorphic Encryption Blockchain Protocol. With this move we will move out of the realm of a simple “Privacy coin” and become an all encompassing platform for creating, launching, and maintaining 100% private and fully encrypted Smart contracts enabling full use of DEFI apps and NFT protocols as a Layer 1 solution.

Changing who we are at the core and what we stand for needs to be reflected in our brand and online presence.

After many talks, debates and polls with the community we have decided that the new project name will be SYFER ($XSF).

When we will REBRAND?!

Now that we have decided the new name we just need to find the right LOGO.

We will be hosting a competition that will be held on twitter and telegram to find the right logo for our new project. The competition duration will be for 1 week beginning the moment that this article is published.

The prize for the winner will be 500.000 XTA!

Please submit your logo as a reply to this tweet!

According to community input about the design and application that we have received this far, we have listed some loose guidelines below.

Syfer logo design guidelines.

These guidelines should be read with two considerations in mind — first, we have proposed two options for anyone who wants to submit a logo design:

i) a narrow definition that encourages logo designers to create something that is encryption-centric and gives the impression that Syfer is the new gold standard in privacy coins.

Please note that I’ve probably over-engineered the list of design criteria and i would expect that we’ll cull this extensive criteria list to a final version that is more concise for the reader to grasp.

ii) no definition or guidelines at all. Designers can simply rely on their creative talents to come up with a visually brilliant logo that is both simple, scalable and visually impressive.

2. Additionally, I’ve attached an example Syfer logo that is really just a scratchpad work-in-progress /storyboard to give you some idea of how I think option #1 above could be achieved if one wanted to create a logo that attempts to convey subliminal encryption/privacy messages to the casual observer through a logo form.

Please note that I’m not actually suggesting the logo example be considered as a design contender since it’s intended purely as a backdrop upon which to tease out various functional components that you may like to see incorporated into the winning logo design. So, yes, you could maybe describe it as a logo mind-map against which you can use it to include or cull some of the criteria i’ve tabled under option #1. CREDITS TELEGRAM: @kinetic7

SOooo When we will REBRAND?

We will rebrand in about 2 weeks from the date of this post.

We will hold the competition to find the right logo for the first week and use the next week to finish up the new Website and rebrand all our socials/coinmarketcap/exchanges etc.

Here is a example for the logo

credits telegram: @optimisticdoomer


We are estimating the SWAP to occur in approx. 30 days as there are final development nears completion of the new Homomorphic Encryption Blockchain Protocol Once we have validated the stability of the network it will go live.

We are estimating the release of a public testnet shortly before we swap so that the community can test and begin development on our new platform, more details will be announced latter on.

Best regards,




-- (SYFR) is an anonymous cryptocurrency Smart Contracts Platform. Utilizing bleeding edge Homomorphic Encryption as a Layer 1 solution.

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SYFER (SYFR) is an anonymous cryptocurrency Smart Contracts Platform. Utilizing bleeding edge Homomorphic Encryption as a Layer 1 solution.

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